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a very rare and based interview with krxxk!

Updated: May 12, 2023

Join us here on Pollute Your Soul, for a very rare based interview of Krxxk, a 24 year old dark trap artist with legendary collaborations with Loko Los, Trippjones, Spookyli, SpaceGhostPurrp, MajinBlxxdy, etc. This is what I consider an interview with someone who will go down in history for being an innovative fucking artist. His beats are simply magnificent, dark, eerie, horrifying, bouncy, but smooth. The songs he has produced are legendary examples of how important it is to be a unique artist. Put yo readers on dickheads and enjoy this rare ass interview!

Mike Serpentine: where are you from and based out of?

Krxxk: I'm originally from orlando but i moved to atlanta when i was younger so i'm based in georgia.

Mike Serpentine: How did you first make beats, did someone help you?

Krxxk: The first time i started doing it, was middle school i was 13 or 14, i used to have a little tablet and i had fl mobile and just fucked around with it and my homeboy had it too and that made me mess with it too. I didn't start taking it seriously until I was 17 or 18, and actually learned the ins and outs of that and how to really make a beat and structure it.

Mike Serpentine: When did you get involved with bmb deathrow?

Krxxk: bmb yea that was probably around 2018 early 2019 but um i had already got into it through sayda but yea i had got in through him we was already making beats and shit and he had put the word in to purrp and me and purrp ended up chopping it but this was after we already worked on music and he fucked with my shit and then i just got into bmb after sayda put in a good word for me

Mike Serpentine: What's your favorite beat you made for sgp?

Krxxk: Damn i got a couple, probably um, zerk mode, vodeci, billie eilish sucked my dick last night, thats probably my favorite one that billie eilish one

Mike Serpentine: When did you first work with anyone in the underground and get involved in the scene?

Krxxk: Man i gotta think back, first person was probably, lil trash, and lil deceased, this is probably around 2018 and 2019, who else, cypherblade we made a lot of shit back then, aliengod, those were the first couple people i started making shit with.

Mike Serpentine: Is anyone else in your family artistic?

Krxxk: Yea my sister sings and my brother makes beats

Mike Serpentine: What is your main goal with music?

Krxxk: I dont really got a crazy ass goal i'm really just making it to make it, i make stuff to listen to it myself, if something successful comes out of it im gonna move with it

Mike Serpentine: What caused the loko vs krxxk tape?

Krxxk: It was just a random idea just a collab tape just a friendly competition

Mike Serpentine: How did you find your producer tag?

Krxxk: People told me it's from runescape but i didn't even know it was that until a year into me using it and i just used random video game sound effects video on youtube but come to find out it was from a game called runescape.

Mike Serpentine: How do you successfully make money as a producer?

Krxxk: I guess how you make money, depends on how you move around or what's a better way to say it, make connections with bigger artists and build a network and the bigger people you work with the more people are gonna wanna buy beats from you. I guess just work with more people and more people will wanna buy beats from you.

I don't wanna say something generic, but have your own style and have your reason for people to buy your beats, and have different types of styles that you make such as fast or slow or bouncy or calm or someone might like the black rage type beats just different sounds of your one shit is important.

Mike Serpentine: What can we expect from black rave?

Krxxk: Something different from what I usually put out with some house music, i really just made that just because i was trying to make something different than what i usually make.

Mike Serpentine: What types of beats do you like making the most?

Krxxk: I mainly like making dark trap. I put that house music type of sound and incorporate that with dark trap music, and the techno music usually sounds dark as well.

Mike Serpentine: What synths do you like using?

Krxxk: I like messing around with ogun or sytrus, mainly as counter melodies, I like using synths and pads mainly.

Mike Serpentine: Who are your favorite rappers to work with?

Krxxk: Purrp, spookyl, majinblxxdy, trippjones, suavi gualla, domd we gon have shit otw too, lazygod, lza, i know im leaving some people out but those are who i work with the most

Mike Serpentine: Have you ever tried rapping?

Krxxk: Uh on some joking shit yea but not forreal or nothing like that i ain't record or nothing

Mike Serpentine: What other producers should do a versus?

Krxxk: I’m not even gonna lie i wanna hear a versus between loko los and SpaceGhsotPurrp that would be hard as fuck that would be crazy what the fuck, who else can i think of, i wanna see a versus between penta omega and bloodline genesis

Mike Serpentine: Blade 1 or 2?

Krxxk: Uh blade 2 most definitely, that n**** went crazy in that one that's the best one

Mike Serpentine: What non-music art inspires your work?

Krxxk: I guess movies i like watching a lot of sci fi and horror movies, space movies too shit like that

Mike Serpentine: What new music from you can we expect?

Krxxk: I got a tape with MajinBlxxdy coming soon this week coming up, around friday something like that, i been working on a tape with spookyli probably this summer and new work with Trippjones

Be sure to check out Krxxk’s music at these links below!

We will and just did, Pollute. Your. Soul.

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May 15, 2023

krxxk is tha dark trap goat


May 09, 2023

this dudes beats are so recognizable without his tag i would still know its a krxxk beat just from listening for a bit


May 08, 2023


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