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album review of yung memories - ambient road

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

yung memories is an artist who is affiliated with snake god records and goes by the producer name "Dj blood moon". his latest release is the album "ambient road" which is mainly a cloud rap sounding project, with a hint of trillwave and boom bap. The drums are very old school, but new school at the same time with exeption of the track "love stress", a calm boom bap track which I loved. The vocals on this mixtape were either watery and relaxing, or lo-fi and crisp. This is good at some parts, but sometimes it is not necessary with the song as most of the songs on this are already shorter.

A key point to discuss about this album is that The songs on this do not go over 3 minutes, which is a good and a bad thing. It allows him to get straight to the point with his lyrics, such as on the song left me on the road (which is less than 2 minutes) but leaves the listener wanting more after the songs. This shows that even though the songs were short, they still have outstanding expression of yung memories' emotions.

Sorry it has to happen is my favorite track on this mixtape, it has an amazing beat with a chill but somber melody and has the fastest and most intense flow of yung memories. "look inside my eyes I will show you what is causing all this pain, take a glass of white wine going down inside your pain" is a touching lyric on this track, and shows the horrible mindset he is in while writing it. Overall this was a good project in terms of the communication of his emotions, but the mixing and structure could be better.

I would give this album a 7.5 out of 10.

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- written by mike serpentine

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