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Creed 3 movie review

I just recently saw Creed 3 and kept on asking myself, why didn't I feel it. Now this movie didn't make me numb, but I shouldn't be feeling this little after the movie. After watching a movie like this I'm supposed to be at home punching the fucking drywall and having a manic episode not wanting to lose at anything. I am just fucking around OK, but forreal, this movie was an interesting film in some aspects, but failed to hit on many emotional levels. To summarize the premise of this film, Adonis Creed retires from boxing, starts putting his focus on the business side of boxing, and one of his fighters gets defeated by a childhood friend. I loved the childhood friend character, Damian Anderson (played by Jonathan Majors). Despite the fact that he looks like Jax Slayher (DO NOT CLICK THAT FUCKING LINK), he is a good character. The trauma bonding with Creed he does, is a fantastic side of the story, but it does not make it a well developed side of the story. I like the fact that this caused a lot of damage to Creed, but this whole fucking dick measuring contest could have been avoided with a little dose of communication and understanding, but then again this is a fucking boxing movie. Another issue I had is the side characters, there is no emotional impact of anything related to the side characters, THEY ARE JUST FUCKING THERE. Also this film fails to hit on the underdog themes of most movies in this franchise. Overall the family themes and challenging parts were interesting, but the film failed to hit on many emotional levels. I would give this movie a 5.5 out of 10.

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