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Crunchy Chune for da soul: A COMPLETE MEGA REVIEW OF 901KREGUER's LATEST 3 ALBUMS!!!!!!

So far, 901kreuger has released 3 ALbums or mixtapes or whatever the fuck. They have all been my favorite releases of music so far this year. I do not give a mutha fuck bout dat mainstream garbanzo beans. ThIS THA MUTHAPHUKIN BUMPPPPPP. 901Kreuger formerly known as Cocaine Kreuger (but on spotify and apple he is still that) is an artist from Memphis, Tennessee. He has been making chune since a jit! round 13 years old he did. Cocaine Kreuger started working with that music group Futuristik Mafia with Lil Infamous and Young Jizzle. Them 2 memphis legends lil infamous of course being lord infamous's son. Cocaine kreuger was always on some hard shit when he was making music, with hardcore delivery with a slight southern drawl yet CLEAR with a capital c delivery with his lyrics. This mudasucka has been putting out classics after classics such as the EP "killer", Undaground southern sounds w/soulzay, and thru the vibe with Slick killa (now known as snuffer). Cocaine Kreuger was in doomshop Records from 2015 to 2019, leaving to focus on making music with Slick Killa and Zach Rabbit's music group 6 feet deep records. This is now the ultimate force in the underground, you got goon trappin them tapes, you got zach rabbit going dumb wit dead hippie on every track, and lv*rk making some of the best beats I have heard in a while. 6fd has been making good moves in the underground, including these 3 tapes which I am about to review.

"Deep Down South" is an album that was released on February 10th, 2023. This album has a variety of sounds, but similar tone and lyric subject matter. "Pop my yawk" has a rather industrial and noise sounding sample, and fast hi hats and 808s, and a crunchy memphis rap sample in the back. This is produced by cerebrus Click and is a long and amazing beat. The beat literally fucking switches up and becomes slower with insane 808 slides when 901kreuger comes in. "Ill make you walk that hellish path, take your face off and make you laugh" is what 901Kreuger states in this song, it is an insanely well written tale of murder and mayhem. Out of the 3 more synth oriented tracks, Shotgun mouth, comin back alone, and bag fulla white, shotgun mouth is the best. Shotgun mouth is produced by snuffer, This beat has these droning synths and panning snares that have a vocal sample that is high pitched screaming 'wAKE up Wake Up"! This shit is fucking nuts. "Your children shaking on yo fuckin body yelling wake up wake up!" is a haunting lyric written by 901Kreuger. The song "Deep down south" really encapsulates the theme and sound of the album. It is a fast more john carpenter sounding in the music and less hard 808 tracks and more of a thumper kick sound in the beat. This features crucified Click and is produced by Lil Bucksta. Each rapper gives their fair share of bars, but Kreuger steals the show with his crazy bars about lacing blunts and outlandish shiznit! "To feed my kid I'll rob and kill I know you say I do too much" is what Zach rabbit states on the song "OD" and is able to showcase a strong yet emotional side to him. This album is a fucking masterpiece, and it only gets better from here.

"Body and Soul" released july 4th, 2023, is entirely produced by LV*RK with an exeption of the eponymous track which is produced by Slyye. The peaceful yet hard beats of this got me feeling like I am entering the underground civilization of aghartha. I am transported onto a dangerous yet breathtaking journey by 901Kreuger and LV*RK. "Bringin hell" is an amazing glimpse into the mind of 901Kreuger. The theme of anti-religion is prominent in his music, this is clear with this lyric, "GOTCHU HOGTIED BACK IN DA WOODS RIGHT BESIDE DA CAMPFIRE AND I KNOW YO ASS FEELIN DAT, HEAT ON YO FACE TAKE A SECOND WHILE I LETCHO ASS PRAY TO DA GODS TO NO AVAIL." This Is showing that if you pray for help, AINT SHIT COMIN! Loved the fast flow he had on this track. "SOUTHERN NIGHTS 23" has these boosted 808s that almost are louder than the rapping but are just below it and are crunchy and sizzly as fuck and it sounds so fucking good. It is absolute madness! The lyric "Driving thru the dirt road, driving thru the heavy rain" perfectly sums up what is feels like to listen to this track. On the fortnite sampling song "Pine Box" 901Kreuger goes off with his flow which is fast as fuck, with clever bars such as, "NIGHTTIME HOMICIDE WHEN I SHOOT DUCK CUZ IM SHOOTIN IN DA CROWD GIVE A FUCK WHO I HIT MANE CHECK EM OFF DA LIST MANE I AM A HITMANE". These lyrics are so hardcore, yet the beat is so peaceful it is almost comforting. On the song "Silk Road" he states "I'm so close to hell I'm Sweating" which is such a clear metaphor to the audience about his mind state. "Holy Grail" has the second-best beat, it has me feeling like I am entering the paradise land of pandora from avatar. It is one of the most beautiful beats I have ever heard. The song "Body and Soul" almost has me cry whenever I hear it. The beat makes me feel like I heard it for over 10 years and was just released a couple months ago. It makes me feel like no other beat has before. It is a house inspired beat. With lyrics showing an overall message to his serial killer victim, that he doesnt want the body, he wants your soul, and he is here to take it. It is an inevitable result of the story, and is a rightful end to this amazing project.

"Driving Nails in my Hands" by 901Kreuger was released October 13th, 2023 and Is entirely Produced by LV*RK. The guitar sampling beats of "Bloody Ski Mask" "8ball" and "jus Fine" were so well done. "I aint too drunk to let the bullets fly" is the semi Hook of the song "Bloody Ski Mask" and it is a highlight of the album, and is such a dope and catchy bar. The song "WHY" is the best song on the whole album. The sample has this clean ass singing in the background like a classic trock or soul song I am not sure. The song is him explaining his actions and animosity and the singing of the word "WHY" at the end, is his opposition exlaiming and asking, "Why?" and it is masterfully crafted as a song. "Bent Down by sin" has a thumping ass kick and has a soul or jazz sample that has this cheerful energy and he is able to explain in his own words, that he is a "Crooked man bent down by sin" and it is such a well-done track. The substance abuse oriented lines of the song "8ball" make me wonder, is 901kreuger a person who has been in recovery from addiction? Is that why he changed his name from Cocaine Kreuger to 901kreuger? The world may never know. All I know now is that "Driving Nails In My Hands", "Body and Soul", and "Deep Down South" are excellent pieces of art which I will pass down and share to my family generation after generation no doubt in my mind.

Links to check out 901Kreuger music here:

-Written by Mike Serpentine

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Oct 28, 2023

Krueger the hardest rapper in the underground right now PERIOD

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inshallah the truth

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