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Cursed of the "DOOMSET" Drops "Temple of Doom" on all platforms on it's 10 year anniversary!

Updated: May 18, 2023

When I hear the name "Temple of doom" my mind immediately thinks of “Cursed”, the young North Hollywood based Rapper that founded the underground rap collective “SIXSET”. Although “SIXSET” started as a group of friends, it slowly transitioned into a ‘Phonk’ collective based off of 90’s Memphis rap music and still has consistent members still making music to this day. Temple of Doom was an amazing early showcase of what sixset could bring to the underground, and it was only uphill from there.

As of today “Cursed” has uploaded his 2013 tape “Temple Of Doom” onto spotify. Featuring a variety of artists such as Dretti Franks, Ramirez, and producers such as Robust Appliances and Mack 187. The tape highlights his earlier style with a more modern, less distorted trap mix on most songs. A personal favorite song off of this tape is “Droppin' Bombz”. This song is extremely catchy with a piano melody, and “Cursed” signature choppy style matching the energy of the drums, suddenly leading into a fast triplet flow that speeds up the song and gives it a lot more energy. Although “Droppin’ Bombz” is a great song on the tape, I suggest checking out the rest of the tape. There are many other songs like “Ridin’ On The Hunt (INTRO)” that have that same dark and energetic energy on the tape.

This mixtape was released when the Los Angeles based rapper had his name stylized as "CVRSXD", an indication of their Rvidxr klvn inspiration. This mixtape, is an important part of the current underground scene due to its influence in regards to making what was a more smooth, trill sound, into a dark, horrifying sound. The eerie production contribute well to the misty, spooky atmosphere cursed is trying to present. The cowbells in the song "Comin up of da 94' are amazing, with a ride or die type feel to it, and the boom bap snare accompanied by trap sounding hi hats add to the vintage feel to it. Dretti Franks effectively shows us what's inside a psychopaths mind with the song "Psychopath" and drops an amazing verse which is the best feature on the tape next to Ramirez on "demons takin over".

Cursed has an amazing flow this whole project, he is able to effectively prove his points with an intense, punchy, but calculated delivery where he isn't trying to do too much, or too little with his pronunciation and syllables. with 3 dj mixes on this tape, mack 187, robust appliances, and djfranknitty go buckwild with the chopping and screwing of the Memphis vocals and other amazing samples. the most disturbing fucking verse is on the song "rxixip" where cursed raps, "I aint giving no fucks pop that trunk fo my pump, grippin and steppin inside his hood when im reppin finger trigger itching popping shots then my crew be dipping through yo kut with my 12 gauge bullet holes killing hoes and no body knows". "RXIXIP" produced by RVMSXY featuring Nardo Akuru, is truly disturbing, in the best way due to cursed's ability to tell a vivid story among the chaos. This tape is definitley an underground classic, and since it is currently on all platforms, aint no fucking excuse to miss out on this shit bitch! go stream this shit now dickhead!!!!!!

we will and just did, Pollute. your. soul. .

-Written by Rowdy Van Rijn (aka NĘTHЯ MANĘ) and mike serpentine

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