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Dead Hippie and Ghost Town in tha cut with heat in their latest single "This That"!

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

dead hippie is an artist from Jacksonville, FLorida who is reppin closed casket records and is known for collaborations with Slyye and Zach Rabbit. He brings a no fucks given attitude and has been on his a Plus game lately in terms of consistent releases, good production, and collaborations, even doing cover art for 6 feet deep artists. Dead hippie also recently got a bones cosign, which is legendary as he is one of the most influential underground trill, cloud rap, and horrorcore artists of all time.

This latest song titled, "This That" is produced by ghost town of 6 feet deep, a music group with artists such as zach rabbit, snuffer, 901kreuger, and many more. They are known for a horrorcore, dark, witch house, and hardcore gangsta rap sound, often loud and distorted like no other, with lo-fi crunchy mixing. The production however on this single, contains brass and lex luger sounding drums and bells. I love the old school waka flocka and gucci mane sound in this song. The tag in the beginning states "Ghost town counting money to the grave" is badass and hella based. There are also many effects on the beat slowing it down, chopping it fastly, and inserted sound effects that make it exiting to listen to. The lyrics have a catchy attitude, but no concept or long verse is done in this.

I loved this song and would give it a 7.5 out of 10.

Link to this song here:

- written by Mike Serpentine

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