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dj mouzx66 gets interviewed on pollute your soul!

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to another article here on Pollute Your Soul we will be talking to the legendary DJ mouzx66 about his journey creating music as well as his upcoming goals and releases with Level 1 Records. This artist comes from the booming phonk scene in Russia, and details many aspects of his life and past releases in this article, put your fucking readers on and enjoy this shit or get the fuck out dickhead.

Mike Serpentine: How did you start making music?

DJ mouzx66: I started making music in 2017. I found out about FL Studio from my classmate, so I decided to download it and wanted to know what it is. It drew me in. At first I did some kind of pop shit and trap beats. And it all grew into what I still do today.

Mike Serpentine: How did you get into underground rap and memphis rap?

DJ mouzx66: I was introduced to the underground in 2020 when I was sitting at home cause of all the covid shit. My homie, shoutout to Danil the Creator, was talking me about DJ Smokey, Raider Klan and Three 6 Mafia. I got really hooked on it, and it also influenced my music. I started making some phonk shit without cowbells and distorted 808 and changed my nickname from mouse66 to DJ mouzx66. These letters Z and X inspired by SGP. And about Memphis Rap. I started listening from Da Devil's Playground by Koopsta Knicca and legendary Underground Volume 1 by Triple Six.

Mike Serpentine: What was it like growing up in russia?

DJ mouzx66: In terms of music, we have a slightly peculiar phonk audience in Russia. In my opinion, many producers in Russia tryna sound like DJ Akoza or DJ Sacred, and a minority sounds like Smokey. And we have communities that support phonk producers. My albums don't always support, the same Memphis 66.6 completely ignored me haha. But I still found my audience and fans thanks to YouTube and Russian societies. As for ordinary life, everything is fine. I don’t know what they can say about us in the rest of the world, but they can lie.

Mike Serpentine: What type of sound were you going for in Da Helloween?

DJ mouzx66: I wanted to do something dark with horror samples and add atmosphere to the tracks. I brought this idea to the end in Volume 3.

Mike Serpentine: I Loved busta talkin shit mix, will you do more mixes?

DJ mouzx66: Yeah, for sure. Maybe in my new albums I'll make something like this. I like this track myself.

Mike Serpentine: What is it like being in Level One records?

DJ mouzx66: These are cool dogs who know their style. I have worked with almost everyone in Level 1. By the way, J, Chozen and Da Krypt Keepa will be on my future Volume 3. This will be crazy shit for real.

Mike Serpentine: Who do you enjoy working with the most?

DJ mouzx66: I love working with people who know the style and are willing to go all out to make some really cool shit.

Mike Serpentine: What type of sound were you going for in Tapeburg chronicles?

DJ mouzx66: The album came out somehow versatile in terms of samples, from jazz to underground electronic music.

Mike Serpentine: Do you collect any tapes?

DJ mouzx66: Yeah, when USPS delivered to Russia and bank cards worked, I bought cassettes from Trill Hill and TapeHouse USA. And I have some OG cassettes like NWA, Ice Cube and Geto Boys. And a couple cds.

Mike Serpentine: What Russian rappers do you think United States people should know about?

DJ mouzx66: I made a Russian Rap Screwed Up Mix in March. I added those tracks that are really worth listening to. It contains the classics of Russian rap and underground shit.

Mike Serpentine: What are some of your favorite artists to remake their beats?

DJ mouzx66: I have no preference for anyone. Everyone has their own unique tricks in beats. But my favorites are DJ Sound, Mr Maceo and Paul with Juicy.

Mike Serpentine: Do you own a Boss DR-660 or use drum kits?

DJ Mouzx66: Yeah I own one, and also a Boss DR-5. I wanna collect an authentic memphis producing kit with portastudio and a some old school sampler.

Mike Serpentine: What music do you have planned to release?

DJ Mouzx66: I wanna release Volume 3 in nearest time.This will be my longest and craziest album. In total, the material lasts for 60 minutes, maybe more. But I have the main and cool material on my seized laptop. I also plan to make a solo album in Russian. In Russia very few people do phonk rap in Russian. There are a lot of interesting ideas in my thoughts, I think yall will like them. But since we have such shit in Russia as conscripts in the army, then from July I will retire from music for a year. I’ll be back in 2024.

Be sure to check out DJ mouzx66’s music at these links below!!!!

We will and just did, Pollute. Your. Soul.

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