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Doddy Gatz Interview July 2023!!!!

Mike Serpentine: Doddy Gatz thank you for being able to do this interview! I've been listening to you since your Charge a Fee track which is a remix of I can tell by 504 Boyz.

Along with New Orleans, what other towns/cities are you a fan of when it comes to music?

Doddy Gatz: Man the Bay Area for sure has probably the biggest impact on my musical taste and my sound, Texas for sure too I was a huge Pimp C fan growing up. Oh and Atlanta for sure cause of Gucci and Oj Da Juiceman.

Mike Serpentine: I see you have been on a healthy journey losing significant weight, what caused this journey?

Doddy Gatz: I got on my health journey because folks tend to forget health is wealth and your body is truly a temple and you can’t be great unless you treat yourself great.

Mike Serpentine: Challenge any muthafucka in the rap game who you beating in a boxing or mma match?

Doddy Gatz:

ey I wouldn’t want to challenge anyone to a fight cause that sound sounds like fighting words but it’s super dope to see Wiz Khalifa hella into Muy Thai so I’d like to one day spar with bro

Mike Serpentine: Which producers do you have good chemistry with?

Doddy Gatz: Chemistry wise , I think me and Tenngage are a dynamic duo, a lot of our songs we share sample ideas and now it’s to the point he sends me beats he knows I’ll sound good on. Me and Hpshawty we’re definitely a duo too but I’m moving away from that grimey dark shit. Also me and my little homie Visa who I just signed to CantSmokeWitUs records and gunna be a force to be reckoned with so be on the look out for those collabs

Mike Serpentine: What's your favorite type of beat to freestyle on with the boys?

Doddy Gatz: I love to freestyle on disco and funky shit . Not Phonky but Funky , up beat. And also video game samples . Mfs take freestyling too serious it has to be fun or I won’t partake.

Mike Serpentine: If you could free any rapper who is in jail right now, who would you make a song with?

Doddy Gatz: Bro it’s definitely FREE YOUNG THUG if I made a song with thug bro I’d probably cry, honorable mention is Melly tho I think he could make me such a beautiful hook.

Mike Serpentine: What movies or TV shows influence your music?

Doddy Gatz: Bro gangster movies/mob movies. 80s action flicks, also a big fan of anime specifically old hyper violent shit I’ve pulled a lot of rare samples from those. But mob movies Goodfellas/ Scarface, I like boss dudes

Mike Serpentine: What was it like growing up in Phoenix?

Doddy Gatz: Growing up in Phoenix man idk how to put it. For one it’s hot as fuck and you’ll never get used to the heat, my parents were career criminals for the earlier half of my life so that in general gave me a unique experience. Also Phoenix is majority Mexican so a lot of our culture is Mexican based, which I love. After traveling a bit you realize and respect that people and stuff you grew up around. A lot of my people would say I’m an honorary Mexican cause all my “cousins” are Mexican and every single girlfriend I have has been mexican. Lol you don’t realize how much Spanish you know till you have to use it , my pops is fluent in Spanish. There’s a lot of guns and drugs here too and it’s only gotten worse , we’re the meth and fent capital on the United States. There’s definitely gangs but being a white boy who knew his place I never partook in that subculture.

Mike Serpentine: What can we expect to hear and take in as a listener of your latest LP "Intent to Sell"?

Doddy Gatz:

The LP “intent to sell” was legit all the throw away from hella upcoming west coast producers but after sitting and listening I realized I had a fyckin full mixtape. I was too hard on myself with releasing the songs. But it’s just west coast bangs I knows it’s sort of a niche market but I’m a big fan of the sound so I wanted to tap in

Mike Serpentine: Glad we could have this chat. Do you have any announcements or shoutouts to end this talk fam?

Doddy Gatz: And announcement wise idk I’m promising an Ep and two videos a month for the next year and a half or until some big investors come in and say other wise. Just expect alot of quality work that varies in sound

we will and just did, Pollute. Your. Soul.

- written by Mike Serpentine

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