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exclusive interview with bratty dog tapes!

Bratty dog tapes is an underground record label, known the physical releases of classic underground mixtapes, albums, and eps. BDT has released cassettes and cd's of Nasa the mixtape by spaceghostpurrp, ready to die by majinblxxdy, and rx papi's dawgstorm. it is a privilege to speak to the owner and founder of bratty dog tapes. we will discuss the creation, the process, and mission of this independent record label here on pollute your soul!

mike serpentine: Thank you for giving us your time for an interview!

What would you say has been the best part about running Bratty Dog Tapes?

bratty dog tapes: Building relationships with artists has been a huge part of running Bratty Dog Tapes and definitely makes it fun and rewarding.

mike serpentine: Do you have a name or nickname you are willing to share? Or is it just top dog?

bratty dog tapes: Bratty Dog/BDT is fine.

mike serpentine: When did you start Bratty Dog Tapes, and what was your goal with it when it kicked off?

Bratty dog tapes: bDT was started in early 2022. My main goal behind it was to bring music I personally enjoyed to a physical format. At the time, there weren't very many active labels putting out the music I was interested in, so I decided to do it myself. It was really just a fun thing I wanted to do that allowed me to expand my music collection.

mike serpentine: What have been your favorite tapes to sell?

Bratty dog tapes: Everything I've ever released has been rewarding, I don't know if I can choose a favorite.

mike serpentine: what is the Process of artists that help the design and and what are your favorite designers to work with?

Bratty dog tapes: The process really depends on the release, so I wouldn't be able to tell you personally since every artists has a different way of doing things, but Fardnem is for sure my favorite out there. Fardnem & trashsleeper of Forced Resignation Records are constantly helping me when it comes to Photoshop and all that.

mike serpentine: How did you team up with geoctapes for the majin bloody cassette release?

Bratty dog tapes: I've been following Geoc since before they even released anything, so we've been tapped in for a minute. We had plans to split a release earlier in the year, but it never happened. So, when Majin brought up the idea of doing BOTH CDs & tapes to Geoc, it gave us the perfect opportunity to do a split release.

mike serpentine: What's your favorite part about that project?

Bratty dog tapes: That project is definitely important to the dark trap subgenre. Majin's vocals on that project definitely capture what dark trap sounds like. The production is obviously a huge part of dark trap, but even the mixing on that project captures it well.

mike serpentine: What underground producers would u like to do instrumental tapes for?

Bratty dog tapes: While I love the whole scene that Majin & SGP are involved in, I'd love to work with producers such as fish narc & SinceWhen and get more involved in that community since it was a huge influence on me growing up.

mike serpentine: Is community an important aspect about running a brand?

Bratty dog tapes: Definitely. Without a community, we're nothing.

mike serpentine: Who would you say are your favorite underground labels/music groups?

Bratty dog tapes: Forced Resignation Records, Geoc Tapes, Candy Drip Records, Blackhouse Records

mike serpentine: Which tapes that have never been pressed on CD or Cassette do you think need to be released physically?

Bratty dog tapes: I can't think of anything specific at the moment, but I'd love to see more stuff from the early 2010s Based era to be pressed. A lot of the early soundcloud stuff deserves a pressing as well. An unrealistic pressing I'd like to see if Flockavelli by Waka Flocka Flame.

mike serpentine: What tapes do you have in the lineup?

Bratty dog tapes: Stay tooned and see.

mike serpentine: How do you normally connect with the artists to distribute the tapes?

bratty dog tapes: Instagram has been the best because it allows the artists to see my previous catalog.

mike serpentine: What is any advice you would give to an up and coming businessman/businesswoman?

Bratty dog tapes: Have fun.

be sure to check out the link to bratty dog tapes releases at this link below:

we will and just did, pollute. your. soul.

-written by mike serpentine

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