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Is Haunted Mound Still Based?

While you still have insane Lil B sample flips and songs with your idols, the question remains for Haunted mound: IS Haunted Mound Still Based? The North Californian music group (with 2 jits in ireland) is known for their Og chi town drill witch house music fusion with a seasoning of DSBM on it. While it still is hype to hear "HDOE, HDOE, Hdoe" on a song, I am not sure each new release has a hard impact compared to their earlier work. The reason most people got into Sematary and the Haunted MOund is due to Rainbow Bridge 3, Hundred Acre Wrist, and countless hit singles sounding so different and well done compared to the rest of the rap game. Despite all the fans knowing all the flows and beats were ripped off from Glo Gang and S4lem, nobody gives a fuck and since they work with their inspirations nobody cares about that. I do not care, i love thier reimagining of the music they grew up on, it reminds me of the old SHWB and Raider Klan days with those artists showing love from thier houston and memphis idols. But I have to say that these new releases have been stagnant in quality compared to the evolution of Sematary pre–Butcher House Tour. In my opinion sematary's quality hit it's height at the release of the Butcher House Mixtape. Their was a mixture of all of his styles, and the songs had incomparable quality for the year it was released in. It Combined the styles of RB3 and HAW to make a masterpiece. While both of those mixtapes are better, this was the height commercially and artistically for Sematary. WHen this released, he started to become mainsteream and now he is. Even people I know in Delaware love him and after this, his music has just sounded like Butcher house but not as good. We must now discuss the single, "Fuck the world" by FTP, Sematary, Hackle, and Chief Keef. You have an intro that previews the hook of the song, then a build up with the synths, then the hook, verse features hook and it loops around until you kind of do not want to finish the song. While it was good to hear Chief Keef on a song with sematary it was not worth it. I think that this song is fun to listen to, but just sounds like radio static to me and has no emotion compared to his pre 2023 releases. Despire the BLP Kosher collaboration, this music group and specifically Sematary, have not been evoloving as they had earlier in their career, and I am not looking forward to new Sematary releases and Haunted Mound is no longer as based as they used to be. (SIDENOTE: WE NEED BUCKSHOT BACK HE WILL SAVE THE MOUND) His earlier work will be classics for underground rap, but his new music is not working for me, but maybe his next album will be worth our time. Only time will tell and thank you for reading this article/rant.

-Written by Mike Serpentine

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