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$ixfootslim and J da Unkown bring that heat to the underground!!!!!!!!!

$ixfootslim is an underground artist who has consistently putting out bangers for over 6 years as far as I know. His music can be described as Horrorcore, dark trap, phonk, gangsta rap, or whatever this amazing artist is working on at the current moment. On September 12th, 2023, him and J Da Unknown dropped a clim 4 track ep on J's Level 1 records called "Havoc 94". J da unknown is the leader of Level 1 records and is known for his Lo-fi memphis sound, and not that tiktok phonk bullshit, he is on that authentic shit as you can hear from the interview we did he knows bout that rare shiyt. He even has posted some of the most viewed tape rips of classic memphis junts on his youtube account. J da Unknown is always bringing in slick synth melodies with calm bpms that allow room for the artist to flow smoothly on the beat, and his production brings emotions out of the artist like no other.

The first track on this tape is "$ixfootkingpin" featuring Icemane the kingpin. This track has a dope moog bass sounding synth, and a simple drum pattern that allows for some cold lyrics from each artist. There is a good counter melody towards the middle of the track, which makes it so the beat isn't some dry beat which J would never do. Both artists deliver some menacing lyrics on this song and demonstrate their effortless ability to rap about that hard shit.

"On my Grind" is a song that has a great dark melody and an interesting bell melody backing the main synth melody. The only Complaint with the beat is that it is the same speed, and the drums are not as interesting as the first track. While $ixfootslim is talking a lot of shit in the track, which is dope he does deliver a cool message about how he doesnt like to stop and is always working, which makes this a more meaningful song.

The next two songs are more emotional in the beat and the lyrics, which is a great turn for this project. "Drinkin on some crown" and "96 Pac" are so mellow and smooth on the production. "96 Pac" is my favorite tape on the ep, it has me feeling like Denzel Washington at the end of training day, unstoppable, and it is the most chill the project gets. Both Artists outdid themselves on this project.

Links to stream it here:

- written by Mike Serpentine

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