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Jxseph - Alien Mode album review

Jxseph also known as lil jxseph is an artist born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in New Jersey who is bringing a synth oriented, pop trap vibe to the music industry! His latest release is "Alien Mode" a 9 track album which was released on may 12th, 2023. His previous album "Vibes" has many bangerz on it! I loved the alternative and rap mix feel to it with the song "Me & You" being a select favorite song, about regrets and relationship stress which was very relatable. His latest project is filled with memorable hooks, killer adlibs, and amazing song topics and melodies.

The way he moves his words around work amazing with the melodies and the timing is perfect. the song "Lately" showcasing his ability to make a memorable hook, which is necessary when making a melodic sounding trap song. The snare on this hits hard as fuck as well. There is a select few darker songs on this as well with "haunted house" and "Crash" being the most intense tracks on this project. On "Crash" he raps "I'm a real rockstar no Mario Judah crash skrrt that whip." This song has lots of clever lines like that on it, with even a part where he does a chief keef style laugh on it as well. The best flowing and verses are on the song "Haunted House" with an intense melody on that as well.

There is lots of amazing synth melodies that are complimented by heavily reverbed and auto-tune filled ad-libs. This compliments each other on these songs. the song with the best mixing on the singing is "Hills" which is about aspirations of that rockstar lifestyle and living in the hollywood hills. Overall this project has a spacey feel to it, definitely fitting the out of this world feel to it. This begs the question, Was the out of the world feel about his career goals, or his crazy mental state? I like to believe it is both, with talk of drug use, complimented by motivational goals he sets for himself. It is safe to say he had a lot to say on this project, and it is by far his best album.

Overall I rate this project a 9 out of 10 and would 100% reccoment giving it a listen!

Here are links to check out Jxseph:

we will and just did, Pollute. Your. Soul.

- written by Mike Serpentine

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09. Juni 2023

Good critique my boy his album was solid

Gefällt mir
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