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MajinBlxxdy talks Ready to Die Physical release, Dark trap, his process, +More on Pollute Your Soul!

Updated: May 12, 2023

MajinBlxxdy is an artist from Ohio who is a Dark Trap artist. His music is a breath of fresh air in the underground rap scene with his fast paced energy, dark lyrics, and unique approach to effects and mixing. He is most known for his work with Luci4, Krxxk, Loko Los, and BMB Death Row, the music group formed by legendary underground artist SpaceGhostPurrp. MajinBlxxdy has recently released a physical release of his amazing “Ready to Die” EP with classic songs “Work wit da work” and “Bloody Scene Freestyle”. Be sure to cop a CD at and a Cassette at Today we will be talking to MajinBlxxdy himself about a variety of topics. Enjoy!

Mike Serpentine: Ready to Die is a dark trap classic and I already love Bratty Dog Tapes and their releases. How did you come to get a physical release of this EP?

MajinBlxxdy: I got dm’d by @brattydogtapes& @geoctapes asking if I was interested in dropping some cassettes & cd’s for any of my projects, & I said “yes” and chose “Ready To Die” as the project I wanted to have physical copies of.

Mike Serpentine: What was it like recording that project?

MajinBlxxdy: It was lit af recording that because I had to bring something new to the table, I had gave up on music for about almost a year before even thinkin about dropping that project and was very depressed dealing with racism and a few other things personally, I think that’s why I went so hard on every song & also was off Percocets recording the whole tape on bandlab & for one of the songs (enter the void) I had an idea to change the tone in my voice to be very angry & menacing so ppl would feel the pain in it.

Mike Serpentine: Which genre would you categorize your music as? Dark Trap? Sigilkore?

MajinBlxxdy: The genre of music I like to make is called “Dark Trap” it’s a sound I helped curate alongside the legendary SpaceGhostPurrp, Chxpo & the rest of BMB, I wouldn’t call it anything else cuz Krxxk is a “Dark Trap”producer, & that’s the sound we started with.

Mike Serpentine: What producers do you work the best with?

MajinBlxxdy: I’d like to say I work best with producers Krxxk, KillHaley, Loko Los & OOSKULLY.

Mike Serpentine: When did you start doing the iconic fast paced effect shit that you and Luci4 do?

MajinBlxxdy: I started doing the fast paced shxt when Luci4 mixed the song “Blxxdy Scene Freestyle” that I had recorded on bandlab before I ever met him or knew about his music, from their I would always have him, zerosuit, slur or baddcitizen mix some of my songs that way cuz I loved how it brought a different energy & pace to the music.

Mike Serpentine: Amazing never would have thought you made that on Bandlab! Whom would you say it has been a privilege to collaborate with?

MajinBlxxdy: It was a privilege to work with any of the artists that would get on songs with me, I appreciate them all the same & always had an idea to have certain artists on specific songs

Mike Serpentine: Krxxk has produced many of your songs, which track you layed down wit em would you consider your favorite?

MajinBlxxdy: I don’t have a favorite cuz I love all my songs that I’ve made with krxxk tbh, but I do catch myself listening to Killxxtreak & Headstone more than the others.

Mike Serpentine: What non rap genres influence your music?

MajinBlxxdy: I got a huge influence from Black Metal as far as my art & my vocals as well, when I found out ppl actually practice their vocals to sound so angry & evil, I started to do so myself, I thought it was cool af.

Mike Serpentine: What topics are you most interested in writing songs about?

MajinBlxxdy: The topics come to me at random most the time, it could be something I seen in a movie, it could be a life experience, or something I just needed to get off my chest. Usually the personal ones are the ones I write down, but I like to punch in freestyling at times & just go off spitting bars or just rapping a lot bout violence, selling drugs, fucking ppls bitches lol, & people hating on me cuz I have a lot of those & don’t understand why but at the same time I get it, I’m talented af & believe in myself.

Mike Serpentine: What can we expect from your upcoming music?

MajinBlxxdy: Expect way more mixtapes & ep’s, gonna get out of my shell this year & do a lot more shows, meet the ppl I’ve made music with, & do more interviews, also I’m working on my first album but taking my time with it because I want it to be very personal so my fans can understand me more as a person and what I’ve been through, but also telling the story of the person i am now, hoping that I could change lives with my story for the better, my music is very negative sounding but that’s what I come from. Me as a person in real life currently just wants to spread love and positivity at the end of the day, I want the kids that come from nothing to know they can do what I’m doing, they don’t have to fall victim to their situations, theirs always hope, use what u are good at too change & become something & change the ppl around you, believe in yourself, set goals, stay consistent and focused, apply the work & if u want it bad enough u can make it in life, I’m a strong believer in that.

Mike Serpentine: Will there be any music videos or shows coming forward?

MajinBlxxdy: Hella music videos are on the way this summer, ordering my camera after this interview drops, also hella shows lined up, hopefully my supporters pull up on me for my first show may 27th in NYC hosted by @tubman___underground.

Mike Serpentine: What was it like growing up in Ohio?

MajinBlxxdy: Growing up in Ohio was good/bad, their was times where I had to take a bath with heated water from the stove as a kid, times where I would have to eat a 99 cent bag of chips for dinner, I come from 3 different rough public housing areas in my city, & only lived in a couple houses for a short period of time in my life, I lived with my grandma, the reality is that we struggled most times, but it wasn’t always bad for us, we made the most out of what we had, I’ve seen shootouts, heroin addicts in the same room as me shooting up, my aunts boyfriends beating on them shxt like that & it only made me a stronger individual the more I grew up, I got into the mix of joining a gang, selling heroin, & kicking doors but I also was a kid of many talents, used to dance, edit music videos, tried making beats on fl, & always tried to be great at anything I could learn cuz I just wanted money to feed myself and my family while enjoying the art of the things I was interested in.

Mike Serpentine: Thanks for opening up man lots of courage man it's ok to be vulnerable never forget that.

MajinBlxxdy: Thank you for the opportunity to let my voice be heard for my supporters to get a better understanding of me! Much love.

Check out MajinBlxxdy’s music here:

We will and just did, Pollute. Your. Soul.

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May 05, 2023

This made me love blxxdy a lot more

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