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Phok interview on pollute your soul

As I was lingering among the Slim Dizzle Open Mic crowd I came upon Phok, a dope ass MC I met at last month’s Open Mic. This is an interview conducted during a loud ass concert with many people there to see Phok, 3TF, Mo the Protagonist, and many other Delaware MC’s. Phok is a rapper who is inspired to infuse hip hop with topics ranging from abstract philosophical discourse, quantum mechanical interpretations, to plain ole heartbreak. Now let's dive into this interview shall we?

Mike Serpentine: What inspired the song "freak of nature"?

Phok: Feeling alienated and disconnected and not living to the ideals you set for yourself.

Mike Serpentine: When did you start wearing these formal yet informal outfits to performances?

Phok: Just recently honestly, i always liked blazers and ties, I always felt it mirrors my rap style.

Mike Serpentine: What is the best part about making music?

Phok: The therapeutic feeling it brings me.

Mike Serpentine: Which songs are your favorite to perform?

Phok: Here to stay is a favorite as of now.

Mike Serpentine: What is the meaning of your name?

Phok: The Ph comes from Greek letters and the ok comes from the 18th century where there was a concept of the volksgeist

Mike Serpentine: Imagine you have any budget to do a music video, what would be in it and what song would you do?

Phok: I would choose the song “breathe it in” and there would be dark and obscure and archaic outfits and things like that.

Mike Serpentine: What can we expect for you to perform here today at slims showcase?

Phok: I'm gonna give it my all. I will perform freak of nature and here to stay.

Mike Serpentine: You could bring 3 rappers with to tag along with you on a tour, who would it be?

Phok: Billy woods, Aseop rock, MF Doom (RIP)

Mike Serpentine: What is your end goal with music?

Phok: To show that there is more possibilities in rap than just the current paradigm.

Mike Serpentine: What songs or shows can we expect in the future?

Phok: A lot.

To check out Phok’s music, check out these links below:

We will and just did, pollute. your. soul.

- written by Mike Serpentine

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