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Putmeonsean has a different approach to rap

It is safe to say that Putmeonsean is a breath of fresh air for the rap game. He is personally one of the most humble and nice dudes I have met in the local delaware rap scene. My first interaction was lunging at this muthafucka after he performed ice cream man with a melting ice cream cone and telling him what a good ass musician he was. he is originally from Newark, Delaware and started making garagebands beats and dropping them in soundcloud on 2018-19 during his first years of sobriety. In 2020 he became friendly with many people in the Washington, Dc music scene after moving there. These friends he met at the studio in dc encouraged him to keep rapping.

Instead of focusing on making beats, he started to focus on crafting a unique sound and a crazy repertoire of lyrics. He described himself as a rapper who is able to balance the serious to not serious attitutde toward making music, which makes his music more enjoyable. PMO shows that you can take people on visual trips in their mind via lyrics - and sometimes leave metaphors so far-reaching that once the listener figures it out they raise their eyebrows. PutMeOn can sprinkle in very serious topics when you least expect it - giving him a nihilistic feel that resonates with the frustration these quick sentences convey. PMO mostly raps over hard trap, memphis phonk, dark drill, and EDM-crossover beats - proving he is able to tap into many frequencies with his music.

You had best beleive his tracks will always have deep, pounding basslines that you will feel in your gut. PMO has worked with a wide variety of rappers & producers over the past few years, with notable features from RXK Nephew, Valee, and Xanman (to name a few). PutMeOnSean currently lives in Wilmington, Delaware and is working on a new EP as well as Cult Music 3 - which will be his 4th mixtape to date.

Here is some exclusive pics and videos sent to me by sean with RXK Nephew Behind the scenes from the day he recorded Insurrectionist and Mufassa and were Recorded between 1-4 AM in DC:

Link to Putmeonseans work here: PutMeOnSean - DistroKid (

-Written by mike serpentine

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