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Song Review of Allen Gun's "Cruisin Slowly"

Allen Gun has recently released a single called "Cruisin Slowly" featuring NAIL BITER, SHORT FUZE, C3LESTE, and is produced by DJ LUCAS D. I am personally a fan of Allen Gun's song "Too Legit" featuring the amazing producer rapper duo, $ixfootslim and J da Unknown. The cover art is by Chainsaw murda which has recently been on a roll in the underground, doing some of the best cover art this scene has seen!

This song screams that old sac town g funk horrorcore sound and has a bouncy organ and piano filled beat. There is an amazing hook with a beautiful delivery by the vocalists. The beat is smooth and bouncy and reminds me of the soundtrack to menace to society. Each rapper on this track has something to say and the delivery is very demonic and peircing to the ears.

The beat is a little too repetitive, but at the end it cuts off and allows the singer who does the hook to keep singing with the beat off, and it nearly makes up for a repetitive beat. This functions as a sort of posse cut showcasing each artists skill on this style of beat. Overall, this is a banger that reminds me of a mix of ICP and C-Bo.

Check out this track at this link below:

-Written by mike serpentine

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