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Yung Euphoria - The Wicked One 2 album review

Yung Euphoria dropped "The Wicked One 2" in late 2022 and I'm gonna be giving an in depth analysis and review of this project. The album has features from yung memories, caspertheunfriendly, agonystevo, and many more good artists. There is a lot of spacey and chill jazz and soul sounding samples in the trap beats. There is also a lot of cloud rap sounding beats such as the beat in Motorola. The production on this album overall is quite impressive, with many different types of samples, they all have the similar type of mood. The beats are also mixed incredibly well, allowing the vocals to shine properly.

The best sampling is done on motorola, lone, and death row interlude. My only complaint is that some songs should be longer, such as the song death row interlude. There is also a lot of short verses on this, but overall, each song is dope as fuck. There is great songs towards the end with lyrics that are amazing and relatable bars about how life gets harder as you are older, yet he feels more hopeful after he ages. Motorola has his best lyricism and a solid singing feature from agonystevo.

Lone is the last song on the album, and it is the best. "All I ever needed was the rain, All we ever knew was navigate through this game" is part of the main hook of this song. The song is backed by an amazing smooth vocal sample which is angelic. The song is about how he deals with all of the stress of the world, and how certain coping mechanisms can be bad, but struggles are needed in life. It tackles a relatable topic for the listener and is a great song. Overall I would reccomend this project it is really fuckin good, links below to check it out.

-Written by mike serpentine

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