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Yung Memories - 4 04 life album review

Yung Memories is an underground artist who makes cloud rap and emo rap music. He is affiliated with Snake God Records and is known for collaborating with Caspertheunfriendly, Dj Blood Moon, and Snake god. Yung Memories is consistently bringing spacey, and smooth music to the underground, giving that lil peep and xavier wulf feel to his music which is a sound that needs to continue to thrive.

In the album "404 Life" released in 2022, he brings some smooth cloud rap, and some smooth phonk to the table. There is a romantic yet saddening feel to this tape. The samples are well done, and every feature is worthwile. The singing he does on the intro song "I'm Fine" is amazing, you can tell it is raw and coming from the heart. The delivery of his vocals on each song has a strong and emotional feeling of regret, sadness, yet sometimes happy feelings about relationships. There is a lot of relatable emotions on this album. There is some mixing issues with background noise sometimes being heard too loud, but it isnt a problem on all of the songs on the project. Some songs also have repetitive beats, but most are well structured beats.

The features on this album are amazing, Caspertheunfriendly swoops in on the song "Bluntz cure my soul" and gives a great few verses on it. Wxnnrland also delivers a couple amazing features on this, bringing more emotion to the album. The beats are a highlight on the songs "just the two of us" and "Need a rest".

Overall this is a solid album by Yung memories and if you like og cloud rap and also like smooth phonk tracks, I would reccomend this album. Please check it out At these links below!

- written by Mike Serpentine

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